Friday, May 27, 2011

Eat more international flavors, Vietnamese Lunch

Living in the melting pot we do, whatever state you live in there are international flavors right under your nose. You owe it to yourself and your stomach to quit driving by that market that you always wonder about, and check it out. What ever culture you have around you be it Persian, Indian, Mexican or Vietnamese ect. These hard working folks have really good meats, spices, and produce. There is generally a very good restaurant near by of the same culture, try it out! A lot of cultures have a rich broad French background in there cuisine. Vietnam for instance is famous for baked goods. To get a perfect crusty piping hot French Baguette I have to go to a near by Vietnamese market. Today I took my wife to a Vietnamese restaurant recommended to us by a friend ( We are always on the prowl for a new PHO (pronounced fuh)place. My wife had Pho with rare beef noodle soup and I had a killer Asian inspired beef stew on Bahn mi sandwich. It was clean, fresh and delicious food and we walked out for around $12.00.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Venice Italy, Inspirational Photo Notes

Like the rest of this wonderful country, Venice is beautiful and inspiring. Spending a short afternoon wandering the canals left me wanting more.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Olbia, Sardinia

Sardinia is an Italian island in the Med about 35min by airplane from Rome. Olbia is a city we come to often when over in this part of the world. Sardinia is Italian but they have blissfully chosen to to keep their Island a bit removed from the fast pace the world is currently in. The people are amazing and will help a perfect stranger anytime. This morning the only person running the hotel opened the restaurant for me just to pull an espresso. Compare that to the jackass at Starbucks who won't open the door 30seconds early so you can get on the freeway! The locally sourced food is top notch. Most of the local dishes are prepared very simply with land and seafood farmed nearby. The white sand, rock strewn beaches rival some I have seen in the South Pacific or The Caribbean I will post some pictures of the beaches later this week. Last night I was taken to a local spot for some local fare by my good friend Giorgio. We had a really nice mixed Bruschetta and mixed seafood salad to start. Giorgio talked me into trying a mixed grill of meat one of which was Cavallo(horse). Just to be clear I'm not a fan, although it is very popular here and very expensive. Sardinia is on the top of my list of favorite travel destinations. It's easy to get here from Rome and you may not want to leave.