Saturday, July 2, 2011

Jimbaran Bay, Seafood, Bali

Jimbaran Bay on Bali is known for its vast stretch of beach and its great assortment of fresh seafood restaurants on the sand. On a short recent trip to Bali we were escorted to the Teba Cafe by the owner and his wife who I have gotten to know quite well over the past few years. All of the seafood offered lay fresh out front either live or on ice. As we walked to our table we picked out of few of the offerings up front. Once selected all of the items get cleaned and grilled in a basket over a hot coconut husk fire. I was surprised how hot the fire was and the smoke of the coconut was a great addition to the seafood. All offerings are served along with Balinese staples such as vegetables and rice along with various curries and sambal. Jimbaran Bay is a perfect place to hit up right upon arrival in Bali or right before you leave. Be sure to arrive well before sunset. It is near to the airport and the views and ambiance are never a disappointment.